ministry picWelcome to the official site of “The Hope Therapist”.

Tyneise offers hope to caregivers, service providers, the faith based community, and business owners by providing practical solutions that will decrease or eliminate everyday challenges when working with children who have autism.

She is a pediatric occupational therapist that has practiced in a variety of settings, to include: schools, outpatient clinics, ABA facilities, and private practice.  Her niche is working with children who have autism and behavior problems.

Currently, she works as an independent contractor and provides services to outpatient clinics in the metro Savannah area. Tyneise presents at national autism conferences and has traveled nationally conducting seminars on Autism that yield effective change. She is the author of Hope for Autism: 10 Practical Solutions to Everyday Challenges. The book provides answers to the many questions posed by parents who seek ways to simplify the lives and daily tasks of children living with autism. Additionally, she is a contributing columnist to Something Special magazine, a publication designed for parents raising children with special needs.

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